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Guest Post: Finding a hot dog stand will make you healthy!

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Mike Rudd is a Sports Marketing Specialist, Author, Speaker, and Hot Dog Extraordinaire! He can be found at and his new book Hot Dogs, A Little Marketing, and A Lot of Fun can be found on Amazon HERE.


Finding a hot dog stand will make you healthy!

You heard me correct.

Finding that all elusive hot dog stand will make you the healthiest you have ever been this year.

As we roll into 2013 we can all look at the studies that have shown that dieting is a 20 million person a year, five billion dollar a year industry each and every year in America alone!

Say that aloud and feel your jaw drop when it hits your coffee table. Over and over again every year we go back to the same fads, the same gimmicks, the same wonder pills?

And why? It’s simple. We can’t stick with what we are doing the year before, we eventually cave in and we repeat the process. Year after year after year.

My proposition for you in 2013 is simple: IF you are ready to truly make a Skinny Fats transition into long term healthiness then you need to find your own hot dog stand in working out and eating right.

Let me explain.

My recent book is all about my time in college when I worked at a hot dog stand. I loved that job so much that it taught me to never work at a job that I didn’t love. Working in a career that you love makes you much more productive, creative, and valuable in that position and it makes you a happier, healthier person as a result. I call this process of finding what you love “finding your own hot dog stand.”

Well it is no different in work as it is for your health and fitness life.

Every year we are forced to stop eating food we enjoy. Start eating food we have never tried and doing workouts that either frustrate us and we quit because we aren’t good at them or they seem too complicated.

I have hit the gym or a physical activity at least 5 days a week since the summer before my sophomore year in college. Ten years and counting. It is not even a thought, exercising is like brushing my teeth after all these years.

But I made a big transition in that I found my own hot dog stand in working out.

I don’t do the EFX, I don’t do the bike (except for a summer ride or an occasional spin class), and I rarely lift weights. I don’t like to do any of that stuff so I don’t try to force myself too.

I love to run, so I run. I love to swim, so I swim. Basketball and Yoga are two of my favorites so I do them both regularly. High intensity short workouts during my lunch hour I love, so I do them!

As for diet, I’m not going to eat healthy 100% of the time. I don’t try to nor do I beat myself up about it. I eat very healthy with fun recipes and foods that I like. I’m not a huge fan of steaming broccoli every night so I let it slide out of my diet.

I would rather reward myself with a glass of red wine at night instead of a cookie so I do that.

Here’s what I am getting at and telling you:

1) Diets are fads that force us out of our comfort zone taking away things we love too quickly so we eventually break down. Find healthy alternatives you enjoy even if everyone else is telling you “that’s not the way to do it” and DO IT! Don’t listen to anyone else. Results are all that matters. My Choice: The Slow Carb Diet. Google it you will find it.

2) Same with workouts. I don’t care that the personal trainers at Urban Active told me the best way to lose fat is to walk on a treadmill at a high incline for 45 minutes. I like to get sweaty so I run 7 to 8 minute miles for 30 minutes instead. Screw it. I wouldn’t stick with walking on a boring treadmill like that and I’d go home to the TV and the couch. Workout the way you like to workout. If you hit the gym multiple times a week and eat healthy 90% of the time you will see all the results you need bottom line. My Choice: High Intensity Strength Training involving push ups, pull ups, squats, kettle ball swings. Swim, Run, Yoga, and Sports.

3) I like morning and lunch workouts…in case a friend wants to socialize over a glass of red wine after work. I don’t force night workouts because I would stop doing them. Find the time of day you are most inclined to not skip and do it. Even if people tell you there is better weight loss a different time of day. My Choice: Lunch Break. Way healthier than Wendy’s!

Throw away the rules, don’t listen to the infomercials. Find your own hot dog stand in the health and fitness world and make it your plan! Take pride in that plan and stick to it. Everyone has an exercise and a healthy food they love. It may take some experimentation but go against the norm and actually gut it out and stick with it. You will gain more energy, more creativity, live longer, laugh harder, and look better. What’s not to like about getting your health in order for 2013?!?!

A big THANKS to my good friend’s Tom and Liz for having me on to guest post today, they are two wonderful people making changes in this world for the better every single day! And thanks to all of their readers for taking the time to spend part of your day with me, it’s a pleasure! Have a wonderful day and if you are looking for a way to burn a little of that holiday gift money…Hot Dogs A Little Marketing and A Lot of Fun may be just what the New Year ordered! Pick up a copy HERE today.

If you want to get all of my updates on marketing, radio, and sales you can LIKE my Facebook page or FOLLOW me on twitter. I’m also a speaker for hire; email me at if interested in a keynote or half day interactive workshop. I’d love to hear from you.

Carpe Diem!

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