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A Cup Full of Calories

If you are like me, you start every morning with coffee. The first thing I do every morning, before I shower or eat breakfast, is get the coffee maker running. Without my morning Joe, I would be a zombie. To enjoy my coffee to the fullest, I use coffee creamer.

Before I became more calorie-conscious, I used to dump creamer into my morning mugs. Literally, half of my cup would be full of silky white liquid, and my coffee was sweet and delicious. I could stretch a pot out for about half a day, too. Little did I know my morning ritual was a minefield of calories.

Depending on the brand and flavor of coffee creamer you use, each tablespoon contains 25-35 calories. I usually buy Coffee-Mate’s fat free variety, which comes in at 25 calories per tablespoon. Before, when I would pour in creamer like a glass of milk, I was drinking in 200 calories per cup. 200 calories! That is nearly a meal in itself, and I was receiving little, if any traditional value. On a typical morning, I drink three cups of coffee; so before I ate any solid food, I had already consumed 600 calories, almost a third of what my daily caloric intake should be.

Today, I set my trusty tablespoon atop the coffee maker. I measure out two tablespoons per cup, and never have more than three cups of coffee in the morning. If you are a coffee creamer junkie and cannot shed the pounds you long to lose, start cutting back on the cream. The results will pleasantly surprise you.